Thursday, April 18, 2013


Done. Done. Done!!! Paid 16 ish dollars for everything to be printed

Dropped everything off at Anna Arnold's office.. With detailed instructions, I will check back later when she arrives.

It's done! It's printed. It's uploaded. It's rendered. It's filmed. Everything's been done.

Quite a learning experience...

Who knew there is a difference in sound on a computer vs. a cell phone. I didn't. I learned THAT after having to fix a video I played on my phone (even though I had already watched 11,000 times on YouTube without problems..)

I also had to do the same with font size.. It looked great on the computer. Not so much on my phone. Unfortunately, it's not one quick and easy step to fix.. You have to render every time you make an adjustment.. Which means waiting.. Then Premiere will crash every time you move the text.. Which is more waiting.. Then you have to re-upload to from Premiere to YouTube .. More waiting.. And then editing the description/ title/ & tags on YouTube... & waiting while it formats..

If I didn't have patience before, I do now!

I learned that no matter how detailed and explicit your directions are.. People still may not understand.. Which means lots of phone calls/ emails/ texts/ meetings/ and more waiting..

Deadlines may not mean the same thing to others as they do to you..

Learning a program you've never worked with is hard.. YouTube is great for tutorials.

Proper equipment is crucial. If possible, own your own. Which means no late fees, your settings stay as you wanted them, and generally speaking.. You've probably worked with your own equipment before. Oh and most importantly.. You can access it on your own time. Not 9-5, only for two days, two weeks, or having to leave before your finished.

Coordinating people is a difficult task.. Something we all have experience with and will deal with in the future.. But having a very laid out plan, and making your goals known from the get-go helps. Plan ahead. Great ideas will pop up. Go with it. But keep your main focus at hand. Remember the goal of your assigned task/duty/job.

Sometimes staying up all night will get the job done, sometimes.. If it's not working, and you've exhausted all ideas on how to fix it.. Go to bed. Maybe your plea to Tech Support will come in the AM. In my case, it did.

& finally...

You can do anything you put your mind to, as long as it's legal.. And you have coffee by your side.

Almost finished!!!

The awesome guys at Tapemedia QR Code Support helped figure out the video sound tabocle! Yay

Videos are all uploaded

At OfficeMax now, printing out the QR codes & poster

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fixing up stuff

Well.. the library closed at 11pm... in which I begged the security guard to let me up load to youtube & then I ran back to my dorm so I can finish uploading the last videos..

Mary Kay's video - in which I completely did myself tonight is done. yay. I noticed that the two videos that I had Chris help me on, the artists names were spelled wrong. so after uploading them I had to set them to private. I emailed him asking to please fix those asap so I can reupload them and create a new qr code for each. Unfortunately I am not able to fix this myself because I do no have Premiere Pro on my computer and the library only has elements. hmmpf.

I'll go to officemax tomorrow - in the AM, hopefully Chris will get the email and get it sent over fairly soon. I really wanted everything to be done today. It should all be done and hung by tomorrow. let's cross our fingers.

5.25 hrs

continued.. there's an issue with the sound. I can't figure out if its the qr code app or my cell phone. I'll restart my phone in the morning and hope it's that.. must sleep. 12:47pm. +30 minutes .. lost track.

something has to go right. Chris emailed me, he's uploading the fixed videos to a file and when they finish it should appear. he has gone to bed. hopefully it will work. we will see.

Coming to a wrap

It's Wednesday... Chris emailed me around 4 or 5 o'clock with the completed videos...

things I've learned as a whole:

learn everything there is to know, contain all of the knowledge and you can seemlessly run any project.... hard reality, there's no way I can learn everything there is to know in life... so I must rely on people... that being said.. generally speaking, working with others is a great experience.. When I was in Nursing, I was a very Type A personality.. after a few art classes and spending time with Diane.. I've learned to relax a little and have a bit of faith..

that being said... I realize, sometimes.. things happen.. even after incredibly explicit directions & countless amount of time explaining exactly what I need, meetings, emails, etc. Mary Kay's final video is not exactly what I wanted... Maybe I'm nit picky... but I don't like putting my name on something if it's not ... great.

so I'm in the library now, patiently waiting for my video to render.. I realize that I have a better grasp of Premiere then when I had started  (probably those 8+ hours of working on one video ha.) Anyway.. it's going pretty well. I have some awesome House music / dnb playing while I wait..

I also didn't receive the poster until 5 today.. I was planning on printing it out a little earlier, but after the delay and finding out the videos weren't what I wanted.. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to have the QR codes & Poster printed.. after that.. I'm done..

I think I've earned more than one credit.. I should check into that.. haha

this has been a good experience. I promise. I've learned a lot. I definitely want to get Premiere/ InDesign/ & Photoshop on my Mac.. you know, when I finally save up enough to buy a Mac..

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Marketing, Auburn, and more

I met with Marketing - they 'branded' the poster- made some obvious changes.. I need to have them send it to me so I can go get it printed at OfficeMax

I've continued to work on the videos with Chris from Auburn - we are almost finished.. we edited the sound so there wasn't so much background noise, etc. made some changes in frame length, and added credits/ beginning titles

There was a bit of a change with the video screen being placed in the Gallery - all is figured out now. We are sticking with the QR codes placed next to the certain paintings.

As soon as the videos are all up, I will print out the QR codes from OfficeMax on nice paper and be ready to go.


Thursday, April 11, 2013


I just finished making the poster that will be hung outside the Wasmer Gallery as an instructional to QR Codes.. I'm sending it to Marketing to have them 'brand' it. Then we are good to go.

I'm still debating whether or not to make a practice qr code about the internship or not.. I received opinion that it is not the focus of the show- I would not want to detract from the senior artists. . .

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Last 3 videos

I met with the two students who will be helping me with Brandi's last two videos and Mary Kay's last video.
We discussed exactly what I needed and went thru all the material I brought. They definitely have a lot more experience than myself. They seem to have a good handle on what I need. By the latest the videos will be complete Wednesday.. I told them I was aiming for Monday.. I will start working on poster construction to send to Marketing for branding and then construct the two QR codes for the videos I have.. I'll consult with Anna Arnold on gallery placement